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Money Mondays

What a weekend! Friday night was an all English affair in NYC for me. It started off nicely with a win in my Friday night Football (Soccer for our American friends) league and then continued with seeing the almighty Happy Mondays at the Roseland Ballroom. I walked in just as Shaun Ryder started to belt out the first lines to Loose Fit while he stood still under the psychedelic style lighting covering the stage. Happy Mondays are a notorious part of the Manchester music scene. Alongside The Stone Roses in the mid 80’s, the Happy Mondays created a new trend of music using indie pop guitar with a rhythmic style that owed much to house music, funk, and northern soul. With many of their tracks being remixed by popular Dj’s and their 3rd studio album Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches produced by Paul Oakenfold in 1990 it emphasized the dance/rave influence within the band.

The Happy Mondays and  Shaun Ryder came to a rocky end when Shaun’s drug addictions to cocaine and heroin got the best of him. There was also a dispute between record labels which prevented the band from recording for more than 6 years.

Shaun, Bez and the rest of the Happy Mondays finally reunited and recorded Uncle Dysfunktional in 2007 and are now zig zagging across the States with tour performances that would make any band proud!

Their story in part is shown in the cult favourite film 24 Hour Party People.

‘You’re twisting my melons man’ – Shaun Ryder, legend!


It’s Friday and the weekend is here! This one is going to be extra special as I’m off to see the legendary ‘Madchester’ crew the Happy Mondays!! Shaun, Bez and gang are taking to the stage at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. I’ll be posting a full review on Monday so be sure to check back!

In the meantime here’s a top band to get you grooving out of the shackles of the office:

Fat Freddy’s Drop

Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand. Fat Freddy’s Drop have been playing their brand of soulful dub reggae for over 10 years, and in their home country have already gone multi platium with their debut album Based On A True Story. Their new album Dr. Boon Digger & The BW carries on that sound. Long winding jam sessions with a sparse easy-going feel that are so soulful you’ll be grooving away in no time. They have a wonderful way of building up the track from just a bassline to a funk jam with blasting horns, squeeling guitar and the ever present Bill Wethers-esque vocals of lead singer Dallas Tamaira. Stand out track from the new album has to be The Camel featuring the great Alice Russel (Quantic) on vocals:

Have a wicked weekend and don’t forget to check out Big Al’s 2 Cents. See you all on Monday!




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