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New Release Music Tuesday

Hello!  I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday filled with fun, food and Great music!  This week’s pick is a band that caught my interest back in 2005 with their single release “An Honest Mistake”.

The Bravery hails from New York and consists of  Sam Endicott (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Michael Zakarin (lead guitar, backing vocals), John Conway (keyboards, backing vocals), Mike Hindert (bass, backing vocals), and Anthony Burulcich (drums, backing vocals).  Their music is a blend of both post-punk revitalization and new wave.

The band’s early days climbing up the ranks to musical success started out by playing their first gig at the Stinger Club in Brooklyn in November of 2003.  They did all the grunt work labels would do by promoting their local shows, manufactured their own posters posters and by handing out 3 song samplers containing the songs “An Honest Mistake”, “No Brakes” and “Public Service Announcement” on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and Brooklyn.  The band also promoted themselves on the internet and were one of the first bands on MySpace to have a profile. Their MySpace profile pointed to the where the same 3 songs were available as downloadable MP3s.

After several months of headlining and selling out small clubs, the Bravery managed to book  a residency at the Lower East side club Arlene’s Grocery. The Bravery played every Thursday at 10pm in May 2004. Every show sold out and garnered the attention of many record labels.  On August 2004 they signed to Island Def Jam in the United States and Loog Records in the UK.

Since then they went on to release The Bravery (2005), The Sun and the Moon (2007), and their latest released today Stir the Blood (2009).

Their latest release Stir the Blood is a return to their synth-pop and  doubling down ’80s revival sound.   This album is definitely better than their sophomore album that flopped, but not breaking out the shadow of their debut album. I’m not the biggest fan of the new album with it’s disturbing lyrics and anger, but I have always liked that 80’s new wave pop rock sound!  I love the music but I think the lyrics on the album are a bit sketchy.  Enjoy my top two picks.

My top two picks are:

Sugar Pill – The video is cool!

Slow Poison:






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