The grind of the week is almost finished and we’ll be leaving you with some hot music to get you bouncing into your weekend.


K’Naan’s album Troubadour came out in February this year and has been in my CD player constantly.  The whole record is brilliant: conscious lyrics, catchy hooks, funky bass lines and features a variety of genres to make it stand out not just in the hip hop world but in the music world in general.

If you haven’t heard of K’naan already – by the end of the year you will have. My predictions are he’ll storm the Grammys 2010 – he deserves to! There’s a lot to K’Naan’s history, from his childhood in Somalia to moving to Toronto as a refugee and learning English by listening to Nas and Rakim rap albums to recording Troubadour in Bob Marley’s studio in Jamacia. Check out an early interview:

K’naan is currently touring the US with Lenny Kravitz.

It is so hard to choose one track on a varied album, but check out “Waving Flag” (very heartfelt pop song with a strong message); “America” (feat Mos Def and Charlie 2na) and my pick below “T.I.A.”:

Also on a slight side note, there have been recent reports that problems in Somalia are worse now then they have ever been (


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